PSE 2020 Stinger MAX First Look Test Review by Mike's Archery

by Mike's Archery

Check out the new 2020 PSE Stinger Max bow with a quick run down of the specs and features of the bow in our video product review.

PSE Archery Stinger MAX Single Cam aluminum Riser Bow Specs. $399.99 Bow only $479.99 RTS Package, $529.99 Pro Package Retail 312-304 FPS 3.8 lbs Weight 7" Brace Height 30" Axle to Axle Draw Length 21 1/2"-30" 80% Letoff Available in 55lb, or 70lb max weights Max 10 Turns off Limb Bolts 7 color options Mossy Oak Country True Timber Strata Black Charcoal Muddy Girl Purple White

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