New AXT Archer Xtreme Carbon Helix 5 Arrow Quiver Realtree APG Camo [Bow Quiver; H151A; Ambidextrous; Compound; Camo]

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New AXT Archer Xtreme Carbon Helix 5 Arrow Quiver Realtree APG Camo [Bow Quiver; H151A; Ambidextrous; Compound; Camo]

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AXT Archer Xtreme Carbon Helix 5 Arrow Quiver
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    New AXT Archer Xtreme Carbon Helix APG Camo 5 Arrow

    Crushing Sound & Competition

        Superior sound dampening technology is achieved on the Helix quiver through its revolutionary structure. This innovative design features two key components that completely destroy sound. Utilizing two 3K full carbon support rods, the Helix provides structural support and sound dampening with carbon directional fiber. The Helix Truss X dampeners (Patent Pending) virtually eliminate vibrations that could find their way to the archer's bow. Plus, key functional areas are built with vibration-free materials and components.

    Quad Lock. One Hand

        The Quad Lock system on the Helix provides total security on every hunt. The Four Position Radial Lock and the Positive Position Post makes for one of the most secure one-handed mechanism ever on a one- piece quiver.


    • Helix X-Dampener (Patent Pending) shuts down harmonics between support structures.
    • V.A.C. - Vibration Absorbing Coat.
    • Quad Lock four points radial lock down system with vertical adjustment.
    • Dual 3k Carbon support structure rods provides maximum strength.
    • Five arrow hoods with TPR insert to securely hold all types of broadheads.
    • Arrow tips stay secure with no rattle.
    • Rubberized clear coat diminishes the effects of vibration and noise on key parts.
    • First position arrow in-line with shooter for minimal movement during pre-shot moments.
    • TPR over-mould on ABS hood stops unwanted noise from chamber area.
    • Adjustable upper gripper secures arrows along the entire length.
    • Gripper slot secures all types of arrows from small diameter carbon to larger aluminum.

    AXT Controls Process from A to Z

        AXT controls the entire process start to finish. That means countless field-testing hours. Meticulous engineering conducted by AXTs own engineering staff. And the hand lay-up of 3K carbon material at the AXT factory. The process is controlled from A to Z, ensuring AXT products are never compromised by potential third party failings.

        The Helix is also reversible for right or left-handed use, and accommodates mechanical or traditional broad heads. Using TPR over-molding on the hood and grippers provides maximum dampening and holding power of even the smallest diameter arrows. And, the arched gripper affords extra clearance on any arrow rest bracket.

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