Elite Archery 2020 Kure Bow First Look Test Review by Mike's Archery

Elite Archery 2020 Kure Bow First Look Test Review by Mike's Archery

Posted by Mike's Archery on 29th Oct 2019

Checking out the new 2020 Elite Kure with a quick run down of the specs and features of the bow. The Kure for the common Bow!

Elite Kure Bow Specs

Retail $???

335 FPS

4.6 lbs Weight

6 9/16" Brace Height

31 13/16" Axle to Axle

Draw Length 23"-30" with 1/4" increment adjustment

70-90% Letoff

Available in 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 65lb, 70lb, max weights

3 color options

Mossy Oak Break Up Country



Elite Archery 2020 Kure

S.E.T. Technology Simplified, Exact, Tuning is what it does for you.

Micro adjustment to the cam attitude at the limb pocket, delivering an incredibly simple tuning process. Paper Tuning, walk back tuning, Bare Shaft tuning, Broadhead tuning, All with out a bow press required.

Bow has a complete redesigned limb pocket that includes S.E.T. Technology. The wide stance of the stabilLock Limb Pocket locks down tight to the riser with no play, delivering precision, accuracy, and unmatched stability.

ASYM Tri-Track Cams

Shootability leaps forward with the ASYM Tri-Track Cam system. Elite's Famous high let off and an incredibly smooth draw cycle. Now with the ability to run cable stops, Limb stops or both.

Versa Mod System

Delivering a huge range of draw length adjustability. From 23-30" and adjustable in 1/4" increments. No Mods to swap. quickly and easily change your draw length with no press needed.

Linear Tunable Roller

In conjunction with rest tuning, cam spacing, and nock position, cable tension tuning can serve as an alternate adjustment method to aid in paper, bare shaft, or broadhead tuning.

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